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STARLITE: Fast-paced newtonian space combat.

Hello there! I'll be honest, there are a million and one posts I could make first, but at this point I have so many failed and abandoned projects that I wouldn't know where to start - so where better than my current personal project?

So what is Starlite? In short, it's a fast-paced ship-to-ship shooter. In space. At the time of my writing this blog post, it's a long ways off being released, let alone finished, but the groundwork's there: ships move around realistically, only accelerating when force (either external or from the reaction motors) is applied, and there's a basic flight assist to fire the right thrusters to slow you automatically.

What will the game have? It's hard to tell, but I know for sure I want to start out with solid flight and damage models. There won't be a magic health bar that causes your ship to explode when it hits zero; instead, your ship will have modules that can be damaged or destroyed, and it will be up to you to decide when it's a lost cause. As for other features...

  • Varied weapon types: Lasers will actually travel at the speed of light, kinetic weapons will have a wide range of specialisations (from slow-firing armour piercing cannons for module sniping to fast-firing anti-fighter guns), and missiles will have many ways to lock onto and track targets.
  • Module customisation: Trade off shield strength for recharge rates or resistance to some types of damage, or scrap shields entirely and polarise your hull plating. Switch out power plants, thrusters, weapons, armour, sensors, and even ship computers.
  • Ship customisation: Of course, there will also be the option to customise your ships with liveries and other decorations. These are the only way I plan to monetise the game (aside from donations), and there won't be any trickery; no lootboxes, no store rotations - what you see is what you get. Liveries will act as recolourable templates and will unlock across all the ships they're available for.
  • Larger and larger ships: Whilst I plan to release with only fighters, that will be far from the end goal. Everything from corvettes to capital ships, and everything in-between. Larger ships will control differently, with the player being able to issue move commands and man the turrets and fighters, rather than pilot them directly.
  • Thermal mechanics: Last but certainly not least, heat is a huge deal in space. Pushing your ship's power plant to its limit will cause heat to build up, making you an easier target to acquire, as well as potentially damaging systems directly. Most types of missiles will be heat-seeking, and may ignore launched countermeasures if the target is too hot.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there's probably a lot I forgot to add, and things will probably change between now and release. With all that said, I hope I can put something together to actually show everyone soon. Thank you for reading!