STARLITE: Fast-paced newtonian space combat.

2020-09-04 | game, roblox, space, starlite

Hello there! I'll be honest, there are a million and one posts I could make first, but at this point I have so many failed and abandoned projects that I wouldn't know where to start - so where better than my current personal project?

So what is Starlite? In short, it's a fast-paced ship-to-ship shooter. In space. At the time of my writing this blog post, it's a long ways off being released, let alone finished, but the groundwork's there: ships move around realistically, only accelerating when force (either external or from the reaction motors) is applied, and there's a basic flight assist to fire the right thrusters to slow you automatically.

What will the game have? It's hard to tell, but I know for sure I want to start out with solid flight and damage models. There won't be a magic health bar that causes your ship to explode when it hits zero; instead, your ship will have modules that can be damaged or destroyed, and it will be up to you to decide when it's a lost cause. As for other features...

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there's probably a lot I forgot to add, and things will probably change between now and release. With all that said, I hope I can put something together to actually show everyone soon. Thank you for reading!